Getting to Peak Performance – Team Leadership

Alex Ferguson shares his winning formula for running a team.  Same rules for business teams apply?


♦Start with the foundation

Bring in young players and build a youth system

that will sustain the club for years rather than signing

veterans for short-gain success.

Dare to rebuild your team.

Don’t be afraid of being fired, make decisions based on what the team will look like in four years.


♦Set high standards and hold everyone to them


♦Never, ever cede control

Get rid of an employee if he’s creating discord,

even if he is the best player in the world. Don’t worry about whether employees like you.


♦Match the message to the moment

When to criticise players and encourage players depends on the context of a situation.


♦Prepare to win

If you’re down 2-1, you might as well put on an extra offensive player and lose 3-1 rather than play conservatively and lose 2-1 anyway.


♦Rely on the power of observation

Delegate managing practices to assistant coaches so you can simply watch and observe each player.

Never stop adapting

I believe that you control change by accepting it.


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