Creative Things to Do With Soda Cans

Wait! Don’t just throw that empty can of Coca-Cola in the trash. By recycling soda cans, you can help the environment and the people living in it. But what can we do with these little aluminum containers? Here’s a couple of fun and creative things to do with soda cans. Just make sure not to cut yourself. Safety first.

1. DIY Beer Can Ornaments
If you have a couple of leftover Bud light cans from that thanksgiving party last week, why not make some Christmas ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree the following month? Your friends will be impressed and slightly amused at your unique looking designs. Here’s an excellent tutorial by ThreadSence to get you started:

2. Double Hangers
Is your closet feeling crowded and uncomfortable? Too many hangers on the rack? Here’s an easy and innovative way to use soda tabs and increase your closest space x2:

3. Hipster Soda Can Coasters
I simply adore these cute soda can coasters. If you ever wanted to make your own coasters while showing love for your favorite soda can drink here’s your chance to do it:

4. Pop Tab Bracelet
Ok, I actually made a couple of these and they turned out great! After seeing the wonderful actress Kristin Stewart rocking a Pop Tab Bracelet I just knew I had to find a tutorial that will teach me how to make one similar to hers. And I found it. Instructables has a well put tutorial that makes the process easy and fun:

5. Soda Can Lanterns
This DIY project will reaching teach you survival skills. How to make a lantern out of soda cans? Now that’s seriously creative. Check out the tutorial here:

And remember, any of the activities you’re doing here will help out the Earth quite a lot!


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