Biker Gangs. How Many? How to Reduce the Threat?

Some questions  motorcycle gangs came to mind after the Waco shoot-out.

How many are there? What uis the appeal?  How can the public be protected?

Wikipedia was of no help:

When I was a kid lots of deprived kids belonged to gangs and I suppose the reasons are still relevant:

  • They were mixed-up teenagers
  • They enjoyed the ‘all for one’ ethos’
  • They, as poor people, felt excluded from the mainstream.

The Waco  people are quite different.

They are middle-aged and wealthy enough  to buy a  Harley.

Perhaps one of these’oh so wise’ politicians like Hillary or Ted Cruz can come up with a workable soilution to this menace.


♦ ♦ ♦   PS

San Antonio police confirm that a retired detective is one of the 170 arrested after a biker gang shootout in Waco

About 1,000 weapons including firearms and knives have been recovered from the scene of a deadly Sunday battle between rival motorcycle gangs in the Texas city of Waco that left nine people dead, a police spokesman told CNN on Wednesday.


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