Political lies, bribes, half-truths and insults – the electorate deserves better

Politics – mostly insults, denials, lies and bribes?

In the UK we will have an election on May 7 – and thanks goodness this tedious campaign in coming to an end.

It has been running since early January and the level of debate has been dreadful.

The ‘arguments’ are generally as follows:

Government: We have run the economy in a sensible way.

Opposition riposte: No, you have not

Opposition: You are not to be trusted with healthcare or welfare

Government riposte: Yes we are.

Both sides have come up with a series of electoral bribes which might appeal to their core constituencies.

I fear the run-up to the American Presidential election in 2016 will be similarly arid affair.

I feel that both electorate deserves better and it would be good if the political classes on either side of the Atlantic had a coherent answer to two main questions:

1. How are we going to improve the standard of living for the mass of our people in a
world where China and other economies in the Far East are developing fast?

2. What is your thought-out policy re Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan other volatile
Muslim states?

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