Our Aim

Connecting good people – encouraging good ideas

The Ideas Board is a forum which connects people who have
an idea with others who can help develop it.

Early stage ideas can be turned into plans and then on to
trials or prototypes. The best ones can then be scaled up.

The Method

Suitable ideas can be posted onto the Ideas Board and then
other people will have the opportunity to contribute to its
development. Some people may have relevant expertise and
add a vital ingredient that will make the whole thing viable.
People might form small teams to help move the idea to the
next stage.

Ideas will generally stay on the Board for about 30 days.

Viewers will be able score the idea. This will provide
feedback to the idea’s originator and add to credibility
to the more popular projects.

What is a Suitable Idea?

Non-commercial – social projects which have the potential
to helps lots of people are the most attractive.
The aim is to appeal to ordinary people from Jordan to
Latin America and Denmark and many places in between.

Our Values

  • Positive
  • Helpful
  • Constructive
  • Transparent