Want Project to Go Viral?

Mitch Horst, our Omaha born guru writes with his customary sagacity:

A Viral Sensation – that’s the dream, isn’t it? To see your demo video get a million views overnight. To have your crowdfunding go way over target. Even to see your comic book so widely pirated online that it increases your actual sales! But it seems like you’re about as likely to be hit by a meteor as have it happen to you. Is there anything you can do to improve your odds?

1. Dream practically, but never fail to dream big!

It isn’t enough for your idea, your music, or your plan to be great. The internet is knee-deep in brilliant plans, and no one cares. To enchant people, to really catch their hearts, your message has to be big!

2. Connect with other dreamers!

No one can create anything truly great alone. The best ideas, projects and plans take inspiration, energy and hard work from many, many people. Build a small team of people who believe in what you want to do, and let it be their baby too.

3. Once you have a team, specialize!

A great team can also destroy a project. Dreamers get attached to their dreams, and no one’s ideas are as good as your own. The way to prevent the team spinning off into a dozen independent (and competing!) projects is to make sure each member has a distinct job that suits them, and contributes to the success of the whole, while being entirely their own.

One last word of advice: when things fail, and they will, take the best ideas from the project and make them into something entirely new!

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